Weightlifting Day 3 Week 11 – Rize Nation Athletics

Weightlifting Day 3 Week 11


Weightlifting Day 3 Week 11

TriQ CrossFit – OLY Class


Movement prep and speed work

Knee pop ups x5x5 sets

No Feet No Touch Muscle Snatch (25-30% x10x2 sets)

empty bar, elbows up, work on turnover

No Feet No Touch Muscle Cleans (empty bar x10x2 sets)

elbows up, no reverse curl, keep bar close but no touch

Flat Feet Power Clean + Front squat (50%x3+1, 65%x3+1×2, 70%x3+1, 65%x3+1x2sets)

rest 90 sec between sets

Behind The Neck Jerk (50%x5, 65%x5, 70%x3, 75%x3x3)

these are power jerks

work on speed

Clean Pull (FLAT FEET – 80%x5, 85%x5x3 sets)

work on staying over bar, hit power position, don’t let bar pop away from your body, shoulders to ears, lats tight

Strength Accessory

1. Pullups – 1 set max reps

2. Pullups – 5 sets at 50% reps

3. L hold x2 sec x10 reps x3 sets (this will be a knee raise to leg extension to L hold for 2 sec – 10 reps 3 sets – control movement here)

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