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Logan Wheatley

IMG_3865Level 1 CrossFit Coach & Personal Trainer. Studies Exercise Science and loves to share his knowledge with everyone he works with. He takes pride in perfecting his Olympic Lifting Techniques and is our go-to guy for assistance with these common CrossFit movements. If you are looking to perfect your Snatch or Pr your Clean set up your one on ones with Logan today!

Skylar Lear

Level 1 CrossFit Coach & Personal Trainer. Proud graduate of the University of Louisville. He was with the University of Louisville Cards at the Orange Bowl. He played the QB position and takes pride in developing athletes through his sports performance knowledge. Skylar specializes in teaching explosive movements and has extensive knowledge in exercise science. For one on ones with Skylar please contact us today!

Amy Wacker

Level 1 CrossFit Coach & Personal Trainer at TriQ CrossFit. Amy's outgoing personality is perfect for the culture we are building here. She has the mindset needed to help you peak your performance and achieve your personal strength and endurance goals. Amy first was introduced to CrossFit in 2009 by a friend, and fellow box owner. She had no previous athletic history and was very intimidated by what she saw. But she stuck with it and it has made her who she is today. Teaching fellow beginners and seasoned athletes all the same. to quote her,  " I may not be the best at snatches and I may not have the nicest squat. But I have come leaps and bounds through my CrossFit community and owe my current health and happiness to this sport. I would not change it for anything." She is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help clients achieve wellness and longevity.

Brian Scherer

BW brianBrian started his journey into CrossFit in July of 2012, he had  previous played high school soccer at Trinity. He then went on to join  the Marine Corps where he spent many years guiding Marines in their combat  fitness preparedness. Prior to CrossFit his workout regime was primarily a highly  intensive kettle bell and core strengthening program. He is always eager to share  his knowledge and proficiency with all things kettle bell. He wanted more of a push  in his workouts and expand his overall general fitness which brought him to CrossFit. This has allowed him to actively participate in his new recreational passion; mud  runs, such as Warrior Dashes up to Tough Mudders! His passion for CrossFit drove him to want to learn more and expand his  knowledge by becoming a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Coach! He is proud to share  with others how CrossFit has changed his life in so many positive ways. Whether  you are trying to reach that perfect squat depth or achieve you first muscle up,  Brian is here to lend a coach’s eye and encouraging words to push you through it. 

Eric Scherer

IMG_0379Coach Eric currently holds a CrossFit Level 1 Certification. He has always been a fitness junkie, playing soccer in high school and currently dominating as the captain of a defending champion adult kickball team.  Eric discovered CrossFit through his brother while in search of something a little more to push him through the rut he had landed in. Like many others he fell instantly in love , knew it was just what he was missing and began the steps to become a CFL1 Coach.  He is very eager to help out in any possible way during his free time. He loves coaching people through there trouble spots and desires to help the cause in any way. If you ever have a question he will be glad to help.  

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